Total Economic Impact Study

How customers achieved 359% ROI on their email security

In this Total Economic ImpactTM Study, Forrester demonstrates the financial and efficiency benefits that can be achieved by organizations that invest in Egress Intelligent Email Security – including a 359% return on investment.

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  • detect and neutralize advanced inbound and outbound threats to email security to reduce risk
  • improve reporting and visibility
  • save your organization time and money


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Three Year Benefits

Unlike other Integrated Cloud Email Security providers, Egress offers advanced detection capability for both inbound phishing attacks and outbound data loss and exfiltration.

Admin reporting is built to surface the actionable insights that matter most so teams can effectively manage risk.

Nearly every evening (in the past) I would get a phone call from our security team. [With Egress] my phone doesn’t ring very often. And when it does, it’s normally to advise me that something got in and they caught it, rather than asking for help. For me, there has been a dramatic improvement on my work-life balance… It makes me sleep better.

Chief Digital Officer, Healthcare Services

The product is learning. It isn't a solution that just sits and does what it [always] has done. It actually learns about user behavior with the machine learning in it, so month over month we are seeing a reduction in breaches.

Chief Digital Officer, Healthcare Services

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