CISO Strategy Guide: Real-time teachable moments

Psychologists estimate that people make 35,000 decisions per day.

With the increased use of email as the primary business communication method, employees face numerous daily decisions that can often come as second nature. There is, however, risk in routine.

This guide examines a new behaviour-based approach to email security that combines intelligent threat detection with nudge theory to measurably reduce risk.

Applying the nudge theory in email security

The concept of nudge theory is based on shaping the environment people operate within to influence decision making and promote certain outcomes.

In email security, it is the combination of intervention at the point of risk with clear explanations that increases end-users’ understanding.

Using AI to deliver real-time teachable moments

AI and machine learning make it possible to deeply understand risk, threats, and people’s behavior to deliver real-time nudges that reduce risk in the moment and improve long-term security awareness and understanding.


of employees state that email is their preferred way to communicate.


of organizations experienced inbound and outbound email security incidents.

If you’re relying on a yearly or even quarterly phishing test, I think you’re leaving major gaps. On-going education and real-time information have to be a part of your arsenal as well.

Brad Shafton, Vice President Information Technology at Magnifi Financial

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