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Email Security Trends in 2024: How do you compare?

Email security risk remains high.

The 2024 Email Security Risk Report shows that almost every organization had email security incidents in their Microsoft 365 environments.

Join this session with Altinet's Adam Butler and Egress' Jack Chapman as they unpack the report's findings to see how your organization compares. You'll learn:

The types of phishing attacks that organizations fell victim to

The risk from compromised accounts within the supply chain

The outbound email security incidents put data at risk

Cybersecurity leaders' attitudes to their existing email security defenses and training programs

How to enhance your defenses in Microsoft 365 to stop more threats to email security

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Meet our speakers

Adam Butler

Head of Pre-Sales
Altinet UK

Jack Chapman

SVP of Threat Intelligence

Daniel Hoy

VP of Strategic Partnerships

Chris Redd

Head of Security at Browns Ltd.

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