View from the top: How to empower people to stop phishing attacks

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Speakers include:

Christopher Lewis-Evans, Operations Manager, National Economic Crime Centre (NECC)

Lianne Potter, Cyber Anthropologist (The AnthroSecurist) and Security Transformation Leader

Jamie Davies, Sales Director, Egress

What you'll learn

UK organisations lost an average of £2.9 million in damage from data breaches last year – phishing attacks accounted for nearly 75%. But what if there was a way to stop a phishing attack before it can cause any harm?

Watch our recent webinar for actionable insights on stopping inbound email attacks and empowering employees to become security advocates. Throughout this session you will learn more about:

Evaluating technology operations for rapid reinvention

Understanding your IT system vulnerabilities

How to remove risk without increasing manual overhead

Reliability of cloud-based security

How to implement an integrated, people-centric approach to prevent phishing attacks