Safeguarding customer confidence: Taking email security beyond GDPR at Envision Pharma Group 


On-demand webinar 

Email is the default method of communicating between your employees and their clients – and it’s never been more heavily relied upon than during the COVID-19 pandemic, as organisations continue to support distanced interactions and remote working. But human error has made email your top security breach vector – which for companies handling high volumes of privileged proprietary data, means that customer relationships are at risk every day from simple mistakes like people sending emails to incorrect recipients or attaching the wrong information.

For Envision Pharma Group, which provides services to competing clients, static legacy technologies are unable to provide adequate assurance that sensitive data can be kept safe.

Hear from Paul Wilkins, Global Head of IT at Envision Pharma, and Rebecca Bailey, Senior Corporate Marketing Manager at Egress as they discuss the inherent risks caused by people using email, limitations in legacy approaches, and the role of intelligent technology that uses contextual machine learning to mitigate security breaches.

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  • Learn why email is the biggest security risk for organisations looks to provide personal and proprietary data
  • Understand how service delivery at a distance and remote working has amplified this risk during the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Hear about the limitations of legacy static technologies to prevent email data breaches
  • Understand the role contextual machine learning plays in making email safe, including prevent internal unauthorised disclosure

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Paul Wilkins, Global Head of IT at Envision Pharma

Rebecca Bailey, Senior Corporate Marketing Manager at Egress

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