How can a zero-trust security
policy be applied to prevent
insider data breaches over email?

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Joseph Blankenship, VP, and Research Director, Forrester

Sudeep Venkatesh,  Chief Product Officer, Egress

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Email data breaches continue to rise. Recent research found that 93% of organizations have suffered an email data breach in the last 12 months. Most of these incidents are caused by simple human error such as misdirected email or attaching the wrong file. A problem exacerbated by COVID-19 and the associated increase in email volumes.

Can a zero-trust approach drive better email security?

Taking a zero-trust approach is often seen as a key principle of keeping data safe – it acknowledges that everyone poses a risk to sensitive data including staff within a business.

However, applying a zero-trust model inherently requires you to verify a user’s every move and this creates tension. Can the use of machine learning ease these tensions and make the applying of zero trust models non-intrusive and seamless?

Join guest speaker Joseph Blankenship, VP, and Research Director at Forrester and Sudeep Venkatesh, Chief Product Officer at Egress as they discuss these topics in detail.

During this webinar you will learn about:

Today's most common form of email data breaches and why all organizations are vulnerable.

How contextual machine learning offers a new form of 'zero-trust' email security.

The benefits to organisations of applying these principles not just to external but also internal threats.

About the speakers

Sudeep Venkatesh

Chief Product Officer, Egress

Sudeep Venkatesh is a noted expert on data protection, bringing two decades of industry and technology experience in this area. His expertise spans the protection of data in both structured and unstructured data ecosystems, with an emphasis on solving real-world business problems through encryption, authentication and key management. He has an in-depth understanding of regulatory compliance standards, including the EU GDPR, PCI and NYDFS, etc. Sudeep has worked on numerous data security projects with Fortune 500 firms in the US, the UK and globally.

At Egress, Sudeep works as the Chief Product Officer with responsibility for product strategy, product management and the delivery of pre and post-sales technical services to customers. Prior to this, he was the Global Head of Pre-sales for the Data Security division of Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE), leading a global team of Sales Engineers. Sudeep joined HPE through its acquisition of Voltage Security, where he was part of the executive team.

Joseph Blankenship

VP, and Research Director, Forrester

At Forrester, Joseph supports security and risk professionals, helping clients develop security strategies and make informed decisions to protect against risk. He covers security infrastructure and operations, including tools for the security operations center (SOC) such as security information and event management (SIEM), security analytics, and security automation and orchestration (SAO). He also covers security topics like artificial intelligence (AI) for cybersecurity, email security, distributed denial of service (DDoS), and network security. His research focuses on security monitoring, threat detection, insider threat, phishing prevention, operations, and management.

Joseph has presented at industry events, been quoted in the media, and written on a variety of security topics.