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Securing email after GCSX retirement

For over 20 years, UK Government organisations have used the ‘gsi-family’ of email domains to secure email communication between departments. With all government entities being migrated away from these domains by March 2019, new advice has been provided for government organisations looking to continue communicating securely. The Government Digital Service has promoted technologies such as mandatory TLS as the replacement for secure email delivery, while encouraging the move to cloud platforms.

Join Egress for a webinar on 27th February at 3pm as we discuss secure email in a post-GCSX world.

You’ll come away with real insight into:

  • Why one size doesn’t fit all when it comes to securing email
  • Modern risks to email communications, such as mis-addressed emails
  • The best methods for applying appropriate security to emails
  • How to manage access and implement tiered security in a world of cloud-hosted email

You’ll also learn more about the benefits of replacing GCSX with Egress, which enables government entities to maintain the highest assurance and security levels while benefiting from the cost and efficiency savings of moving to public cloud.