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Human Risk Summit 2023: Who's your riskiest employee?


Nadine Michaelides

Security & Crime Psychologist
University College London, and Anima People

Join this talk for insight into the ways cyberpsychology influences your organizations’ security, the indicators that reveal high-risk employees, and advice for how your organization can influence behavioral change for enhanced cybersecurity.

In this session you will learn:

The psychology behind risky human behaviors in virtual workplaces

How to identify the key signs of malicious behavior in email security and the motivations that drive individuals towards taking actions

The behavioral and psychological indicators of insider threats to better understand your employees and reduce the human risk within email

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Over 34% of businesses worldwide face issues with insider threats


US businesses experience roughly 2,500 internal security breaches every day


In 2022, the average cost per insider threat was $15.38 million

With security there's no one-size-fits-all...

Find out about the most common mistakes with onboarding processes and learn how to build a strong security culture within your organization.  

 "Nothing changes long-term behavior other than a long-term strategy"

Nadine Michaelides, Security & Crime Psychologist, Founder of Anima People