Trading on trust: How Harneys are using email security to protect client data and revenue generation

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Mike Duff, CSO, Harneys

Mark Lendon, Senior Vice President, Egress

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Email is the pillar the ‘always-on’ legal industry has built client communication on while entire firms continue to work remotely. 91% of legal professionals say the pandemic has increased their reliance on email – and not just during the working day. 93% say they use a mobile device to email out of hours, with 69% acknowledging they feel pressured to reply to emails as quickly as possible.

In direct correlation, 90% of law firms report they’ve experienced an email data breach in the last 12 months, leading to increased pressure for 62% firms to provide assurance to their clients that confidentiality can be protected on email.

Join this webinar to hear Mike Duff, CSO at Harneys, discuss the pivotal role of email for law firms during the pandemic and the security risks this has created. In conversation with Mark Lendon, Senior VP of Sales at Egress, Mike will also examine how law firms can use intelligent technology to take their email security strategy from reactive to proactive and provide a differentiating service to clients that protects revenue streams.

The role of email for modern law firms

The COVID-19 catalyst for remote working in legal

Overview of email security risks for law firms

How email security investments act as a revenue protector

The need for intelligent email DLP for law firms to protect client confidentiality on email

About the speakers

Mike Duff

CSO, Harneys

Mike is the Chief Security Officer (CSO) for Harneys Westwood & Riegels, a global offshore law and fiduciary firm. Offering advice to an international client base which includes the world’s top law firms, financial institutions, investment funds as well as private individuals. Harneys have locations in major financial centres across Europe, Asia, the Americas and Caribbean. The CSO role not only encompasses information security but also oversight of the firm’s business continuity and risks globally.

Mike has more than 15 years of security experience operating at regional and global levels within the UK Military, Aerospace, Defence, Technology start-ups and laterally the Legal sector. Mike is a Certified Information Security Manager (CISM) with Information Systems Audit and Control Association (ISACA).

Mark Lendon

Senior VP Of Sales, Egress

Mark Lendon joined Egress in 2019 and currently serves as Senior Vice President of Global Sales. Mark takes strategic responsibility for all aspects of sales operation, ensuring that customers and partners receive the best possible service working with Egress. Egress has built a reputation in the market based on technological excellence and the ability to help customers to reduce the risk posed by their own staff when processing and sharing sensitive data.

Prior to joining Egress, Mark held a number of senior executive roles including two years as Managing Director of Pareto Law. Mark is also Non-Executive Director at Workshop, a SaaS platform connecting people looking to enhance their personal development skills and training.