Data Privacy and the Evolution of Client Phishing Attacks

With Social Engineering steering discussion within the threat landscape and phishing attacks remaining the most common attack facing professional services, cyber-defense strategies must constantly evolve to stay ahead. How do you deal with new and innovative ‘Deep-Fake technology’ concerns that are penetrating everyday environments and that are prevalent in the world of white-collar crime?

This roundtable discussion brings together key players within the sector on how to mitigate the loss of client information as well as breaking down the elements of risk.

Watch this discussion to learn:

  • 2022 lessons & key challenges for firms & employers
  • Key concerns for legal firms and the rise in Deepfakes
  • New hybrid working – balancing risks & empowering employees

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Learn from these cybersecurity experts

Jack Chapman

VP of Threat Intelligence, Egress

Lilian Edwards

Professor of Law, Innovation and Society, Newcastle University

FC aka Freaky Clown

co-CEO and co-Founder, Head of Ethical Hacking, Cygenta

Heather Anson

Managing Director, Anson Evaluate