Solving your #1 risk in Office 365

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It has never been more important to have security overlays to your Office 365 environment that can prevent email data breaches.

Misdirected emails are the top security threat according to the UK’s Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) – and they’re a growing problem in lockdown. Your colleagues are sending up to 50% more emails than they were pre-pandemic, the risk is higher than ever that they’ll cause a data breach by accidentally or intentionally leaking data, or not encrypting sensitive information.

But the good news is, this is a problem that intelligent technology can now solve!

Watch this session where we discuss the risk of email data breaches in Office 365, why and how their employees put sensitive data at risk when using email, and how machine learning can prevent these incidents and protect shared data.

  • Learn why email in Office 365 is your biggest data security risk
  • Understand how large-scale remote working has amplified this risk
  • Hear about the limitations of legacy static technologies to prevent email data breaches
  • Understand the role machine learning plays in making email safe in Office 365

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