Best Practices for Detecting, Preventing and Recovering from Ransomware

Ransomware continues to cause huge losses and harms across the globe. But taking a proactive approach to security and business continuity can reduce the likelihood of falling victim to an attack—and reduce the damage that occurs if you are targeted.

The panel, including Egress' Cyber Intelligence Analyst, Ben du Parc Braham, will explore the best practices on detecting, preventing and recovering from ransomware guided by the four step NIST computer incident response plan.

Watch this webinar to learn:

  • How an incident response plan can help minimize the critical time it takes to respond to a detected incident
  • The steps involved in analyzing the malware quickly and what happens when a ransomware note is received
  • What it takes to contain an incident and who will be involved
  • The activities which take place in the aftermath of an incident 

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