Insider Threats: Detecting and Mitigating the Threat From Within

Insider threats can lead to devastating security incidents — whether intentional or negligent, and perpetrated by a trusted employee, ex-employee, or contractor.

Egress' VP of Product, Steve Malone joins this discussion, where the panel explores how organizations can detect insider threats and offer advice on the steps businesses can take to protect employees, customers, and their overall brand.

Watch this webinar to learn:

  • What the cyber threat landscape looks like at the moment, and how the complexity and volume of threats has changed.
  • How to detect insider threats across the organization and what the biggest risk factors are.
  • Advice on where to start with internal changes in your organization.

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Steve Malone

VP of Product Management

Working closely with all areas of the organization, Steve is focused on taking Egress’ vision to reality, bringing new security products and service innovations to our customers to reduce cyber risk.

Steve is a passionate advocate for security in technology with over 20 years spent in technology and cybersecurity. Prior to joining Egress, Steve held senior product leadership positions and leadership roles at Mimecast and InfoSec Technologies, as well as technical positions in several other global organizations.

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