The Human Element: fixing the behaviors that lead to breaches

Cybercriminals continue to launch increasingly sophisticated social engineering attacks. Coupled with a rise in human error, it’s no surprise that 85% of today’s security breaches involve a human element.

Traditional approaches fall short of solving this problem, with legacy technology and security awareness training unable to reduce human-activated risk on email.

Watch this webinar to learn:

  • The security threats organizations face today
  • How human activated risk is defining the threat landscape
  • How the threat landscape has and continues to change
  • Why people are the primary cause of data breaches for organizations

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Meet the speakers:

Steve Malone

VP of Product Management

Working closely with all areas of the organization, Steve is focused on taking Egress’ vision to reality, bringing new security products and service innovations to our customers to reduce cyber risk. Steve is a passionate advocate for security in technology with over 20 years spent in technology and cybersecurity. Prior to joining Egress, Steve held senior product leadership positions and leadership roles at Mimecast and InfoSec Technologies, as well as technical positions in several other global organizations.

Jack Chapman

VP of Threat Intelligence

Jack Chapman joined Egress as part of their acquisition of Aquilai in June 2021. He co-founded Aquilai in 2018 and oversaw the development of its anti-phishing solution. Based on its technological excellence and vision, Aquilai was hand-selected by the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC), the UK Government’s intelligence and security agency, for its Accelerator program and benefitted from in-depth and strategic insights for product development.

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