Why your law firm needs to layer your email security in Microsoft 365 for maximum protection

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Risks to your law firms’ email security have never been greater. With remote work still as popular as ever and an explosion in digital transformation projects, there is an increase in the risks of outbound data loss. In fact, we know that 85% of law firms using Microsoft 365 having an email data breach in the last 12 months.

While Microsoft 365 is the world’s go-to productivity platform, its native functionality can’t stop all outbound email data breaches. As a cybersecurity professional, it is crucial to examine the next layer to your email security defense.


How email security incidents impact law firms globally

The DLP gaps you need to close when using Microsoft 365

Why a layered approach is crucial to threat mitigation in Microsoft 365

The role of intelligent email security to eliminate human-activated risks, including phishing, accidental data loss, and exfiltration

About the speaker

Steve Malone

VP Product Management

Working closely with all areas of the organization, Steve is focused on taking Egress’ vision to reality, bringing new security products and service innovations to our customers to reduce cyber risk.

Steve is a passionate advocate for security in technology with over 20 years spent in technology and cybersecurity. Prior to joining Egress, Steve held senior leadership positions at Mimecast and InfoSec Technologies, as well as technical roles in several other global organizations.