Uncovering the enterprise blind spot:
Controlling unstructured data flows in 2020

Watch this on-demand webinar, as we examine the problem of unstructured data and security in the enterprise, and explain benefits of the Egress Risk Insight consultancy service and analysis. You’ll leave this session knowing how you can access a comprehensive overview of your operational risks across all information flows and which specific areas (departments and individuals) you need to target to keep personal data and privileged information secure.

On-demand webinar
Gartner estimates that at least 80% of enterprise organisations’ data is unstructured, existing in emails, documents, multimedia files and folders saved to corporate networks and on local devices, and replicated across data flows.

This creates significant security blind spots, with enterprises unable to effectively locate, track and control personal data and privileged information as its shared internally and outside their networks.

Of particular concern remains data shared by email, with the latest independent research showing organisations experience 180 security incidents caused by outbound email every year – equating to one incident every 12 working hours.

Watch this on-demand webinar to learn: 

  • Understand the operational risks created by unstructured data in the enterprise
  • Hear what research says about outbound email data security risks in 2020
  • Find out more about the impact of COVID-19 on unstructured data and security in the enterprise
  • Gain a full understanding of Egress Risk Insight, a consultancy service that maps operational risks across your information flows

Kev Eley, VP Enterprise Sales, Egress

Kev leads the enterprise business for Egress Software helping financial services organisations teams improve their ability to measure and reduce operational risks in their e-mail systems; ultimately reducing the likelihood of e-mail data breaches. He has over 10 years’ experience in the cybersecurity sector and held senior positions in the industry working at organisations such as TrapX, LogRhythm and Microsoft. He is very interested in all aspects of cyber and its implications on society.

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Tom Hughes, Senior Business Consultant, Egress

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