SANS Protects: Prevalent Threats to Enterprise Email

While essential to corporate communications, email has also remained one of the top entry vectors for adversaries for years. This puts organizations in a conundrum: Email cannot be blocked, but it must be heavily secured.

In this webcast, Egress' VP of Threat Intelligence Jack Chapman is joined by other cybersecurity experts to discuss prevalent threats to enterprise email, how adversaries abuse them, and steps your organization can take to mitigate these threats. The webcast will look at threats to the email servers themselves and how vulnerable software presents another opportunity for adversaries.

Threats and weaknesses discussed include:

  • The range of spear phishing, from mass campaigns to individual targets
  • Business email compromise
  • Malicious links and attachments delivered via email
  • Risks to email servers and their integration with the rest of the enviroment

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Jack Chapman

VP of Threat Intelligence
Egress Software Technologies

Jack Chapman is an experienced cybersecurity expert and serves as VP of Threat Intelligence at Egress, where he is tasked with deeply understanding the evolving cyber-threat landscape to remain one step ahead of cybercriminals. Leveraging these insights and his extensive R&D skillset, Jack oversees the product development for Egress Defend, an inbound threat detection and prevention solution that mitigates all zero-day phishing attacks. Prior to Egress, Jack co-founded anti-phishing company Aquilai and served as their Chief Technology Officer, working closely with the UK’s intelligence and cyber agency GCHQ to develop cutting-edge product capabilities. Aquilai was acquired by Egress in 2021.