The CISO perspective: How to
prevent insider data breaches

With internationally recognized cybersecurity leader Dan Lohrmann 
and Egress CEO Tony Pepper.

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With 88% of security breaches caused by human error, and employees admitting to causing data breaches both accidentally and intentionally when using email, it’s no wonder 97% of CISOs say that insider risk is one of their biggest challenges in 2020.

That was before one-quarter of the global population was mandated to stay at home to stop the spread of coronavirus. Large-scale telecommuting has removed what was left of the traditional security perimeter, with employees, partners and clients accessing data and applications via a range of devices and from multiple locations (potentially even from across the globe). Inevitably, the risk that employees pose to sensitive data has increased.

So, how can CISOs of modern enterprises keep their people productive and their data secure? And what does large-scale telecommuting now mean for the future?

Find out the answers to these questions and more with internationally recognized cybersecurity leader Dan Lohrmann. Dan will be interviewed by Egress CEO Tony Pepper about the current themes in data security and insider breach risk.

As former CISO of State of Michigan, national CISO of the year and now CSO & Chief Strategist at Security Mentor, Dan will bring guidance and insight to the following:

  • The real risk for Government and the Enterprise today
  • How telecommuting increases the risk of insider data breaches
  • What organizations can do to raise awareness of the risks internally
  • The role technology plays in mitigating these risks

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