Email security for today’s risk landscape

Dods Cyber Security Summit 

On-demand webinar

In a privacy-first world, email use puts organisations at risk of data leaks and regulatory non-compliance, jeopardising client relationships, damaging operational efficiency and affecting the bottom line. To remain resilient and secure, organisations need to simultaneously mitigate outbound risks and implement comprehensive reporting. In attempting to balance these aims comes the potential for reduced visibility and multiple silos that create headaches for IT and Security teams to manage.

Hear about the key considerations for email security to support today’s workforce – wherever they’re based and whatever device they’re using! In a fireside chat, they’ll discuss top areas of risk for UK organisations, what taking a report-first approach to email security really means, and how to streamline security for improved data breach prevention and compliance.


  • How risks originate as employees use email and the impacts data leaks have
  • The effects of COVID-19 and remote working on email security
  • Intelligent DLP for improved breach prevention
  • Risks and requirements when responding to subject access requests (SARs)
  • Key takeaways for your organisation

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Jamie Davies 
Public Sector Sales Manager 

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