Cybersecurity & Fraud Detection in the age of COVID-19

On-demand webinar 

The current COVID-19 crisis has brought many businesses and operations to a standstill, only one area it hasn’t diminished is a fraud.

The sad truth is that fraudsters are Capitalizing this COVID pandemic. In fact, they often seize the immense change that comes with an event like this to ramp up their activity – targeting individuals and businesses whilst they are at their most vulnerable and least protected. In times of uncertainty, it's never been of utmost importance for organizations to bolster their cybersecurity strategies and arm themselves with the tools to protect from fraudsters at bay.

With the current widespread shift towards staying - and therefore working - at home, many Financial Institutions are finding themselves coming against more frequent and more sophisticated styles of attack. Covid-19 has been blamed for 238% rise in cyber attacks against banks.

In order to protect Businesses & Individuals online from Fraud & Cyberattacks Group futurista has planned to host " Cybersecurity & Fraud Detection in the age of COVID-19 " for Banks and Financial Institutions. Webinar with the aim to arm them Knowledge & Practical toolkit for Digital Security in the age of COVID 19.


Kev Eley, VP Enterprise Sales, Egress

Kev leads the enterprise business for Egress Software helping financial services organisations teams improve their ability to measure and reduce operational risks in their e-mail systems; ultimately reducing the likelihood of e-mail data breaches. He has over 10 years’ experience in the cybersecurity sector and held senior positions in the industry working at organisations such as TrapX, LogRhythm and Microsoft. He is very interested in all aspects of cyber and its implications on society.

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