Opening up the AI black box

AI is a valuable cybersecurity tool and innovation is happening at a rapid pace. However, does every product really need AI? And how can you tell if the technology is secure from manipulation by cybercriminals?

There is a lot of hype surrounding AI and it can be hard to quantify real-world value against potential risks when considering a product.

This report helps you to learn:

  • Where AI has real-world cybersecurity utility
  • How to assess the security of AI-based security products
  • The ways attackers manipulate and poison AI models
  • Key questions to ask cybersecurity vendors about AI-based products

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Out of 800 IT leaders…

  • 77% use a cybersecurity product with AI
  • 48% think vendors aren’t clear in how they market AI capabilities
  • 34% don’t fully understand how AI makes their product more effective