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Phishing Threat Trends Report

Cybercrime has never been more prominent and dangerous.

The evolution of sophisticated phishing emails continues to pose a major threat to organizations, emphasizing the need to enhance defenses to prevent attacks. For cybersecurity leaders committed to protecting their organizations, staying informed about the latest phishing threats is paramount.

In this report, Egress' VP of Threat Intelligence, Jack Chapman, examines the top threat trends in email security and offers a comprehensive strategy for organizations to fortify their email security defenses.

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From pretexting to payloads, how have phishing attacks evolved in 2023?


of organizations are worried about chatbot use in phishing attacks.


of phishing emails use obfuscation techniques.


of email attacks created through AI go undetected.

More phishing emails are getting through traditional perimeter detection. Attacks are increasing in sophistication and cybercriminals have more tactics.

Research shows an 11% increase in phishing attacks sent from compromised accounts. 48% of the phishing attacks that Microsoft’s detection missed were sent from compromised accounts.

As threats evolve, the cybersecurity industry needs to work together to manage human risk on email.

Jack Chapman, VP of Threat Intelligence at Egress