Email Security Risk

Organizations are vulnerable. They’re hit by successful phishing attacks, and they’re exposed to data loss caused by human error and data exfiltration from risky and malicious behavior.

93% of surveyed organizations experienced email security incidents in their Microsoft 365 environments last year. Consequently, concerns about email security are growing.

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of Cybersecurity leaders are stressed about email security


of organizations have fallen victim to phishing


of organizations had security incidents from outbound email

Organizations are paying the price for phishing

Every email security incident comes with a human and operational price tag. 86% of organizations experienced negative impacts following a successful phishing attack in the last 12 months – from loss of customers and damaged reputation, to employees walking out the door.

Data loss and data exfiltration are also highly damaging

Again, 86% of organizations reported negative impacts following an outbound email security incidents. Regulators were more likely to action over these incidents, which also damaged reputation, customer relationships, and employee morale.


of ATO attacks started with a phishing email


of organizations enforce anti-phishing technology in their supply chain

Secure email gateways and security awareness and training are limited in their effectiveness to protect organizations from advanced phishing attacks and anomalies in human behavior.

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