TAG Cyber's 2021 Security Annual

The 2021 Security Annual is part of an annual series from TAG Cyber that is published each September since 2016. The report offers expert guidance, analysis, and education across the entire cybersecurity ecosystem.

Egress has been selected by TAG Cyber as a Distinguished Vendor in the 2021 Security Annual.

As the security community staggers into 2021, the mission is clear: With the world’s attention focused on the challenges of racial bias, political tensions, and a stubborn pandemic, cyber threats must not be allowed to join the litany of serious issues facing our globe. Our collective objective must be to prevent this from occurring, and it’s not just that we have insufficient capacity to handle yet another problem. Rather, cyber threats could produce large-scale disruption on par with our other global challenges.

Organizations in 2021 must adopt a serious and determined approach to their defensive activities. This is a time for cyber security teams, enterprise IT departments, and government security agencies to do their best work. Pandemics might slow down travel and commerce, but we assure you that they do not slow down cyber offense. If anything, they provide sufficient cover for a serious malicious advancement. Be confident, be vigilant, but also be careful.

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