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How to separate cybersecurity hype from reality

Organizations remain vulnerable to human activated risk, despite continuing to invest in security technology and security awareness training (SAT). With start-up vendors adding increasingly bold claims into a crowded and complex market, it’s harder than ever for buyers to judge which products can actually make a difference.

This report aims to help buyers cut through some of the marketing buzzwords, hype, and unsubstantiated claims. We’ll use first-hand data from 800 IT leaders and expert industry insight to walk you through the expectations and reality of several hot topics in the cybersecurity industry.

What you'll learn:

  • Why it’s a harder market than ever to manage cybersecurity hype
  • How to weigh up hyperbole versus value in AI products
  • When vendor consolidation is better than more defense-in-depth
  • How to improve the ROI from SAT and create a true security culture

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