Email Threat Landscape: Phishing Report

Organizations remain vulnerable to advanced phishing threats, including AI-driven attacks and those sent from compromised supply chain accounts.

Download the Email Threat Landscape: Phishing Report for insight into phishing attacks that organizations fell victim to, how these incidents impact the people involved, and attitudes towards traditional email security and training.

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of organizations were victims of phishing attacks


of organizations are considering replacing or have replaced their SEG


of ATO attacks bypassed MFA

AI in the hands of cybercriminals

61% of Cybersecurity leaders are concerned the use of AI to create phishing campaigns and 63% are worried by deepfakes. Find out why the use of AI in phishing attacks keeps Cybersecurity leaders awake at night.

Traditional training isn’t moving the needle

With 100% of organizations carrying out traditional SAT, learn why 91% of Cybersecurity leaders have doubts about the effectiveness of their programs.

The future of the SEG

91% of organizations expressed frustrations with their SEG. With improvements in Microsoft’s native capability, we examine why 87% of Cybersecurity leaders are contemplating removing their SEG or have already done so.

Phishing attacks are increasingly sophisticated, which makes them harder for both traditional perimeter defenses and employees to detect - and our Cybersecurity leaders know they’re vulnerable.

Jack Chapman, SVP of Threat Intelligence, Egress