How many email data breaches happen in your organization?

Think your employees don’t commit email security breaches? Find out for sure.

Egress Investigate 365 analyzes and quantifies the threat of email data breaches so you can pinpoint and address risk.

And it’s completely free to use!

Simply fill in our short form and we'll be in touch with the details you need to activate Investigate 365 via the Microsoft Azure Marketplace.

Investigate 365 security risk assessment software

Our research shows that on average 3% of emails contain data that is sent to the wrong person

We scan your mailboxes to provide detailed analytics on:

  1. Misdirected emails:
    Where sensitive content is emailed to the wrong person.
  2. DLP violations:
    Where users have been sharing sensitive data in the clear.
  3. Unverified TLS:
    Meaning sensitive email content is at risk of malicious interception.

All data remains within your Azure cloud at all times and Egress never has access to it. You just need to be using Office 365 for your email environment to benefit from Investigate 365.

Want to quantify your email data breach risk? Complete the form and we’ll be in touch to explain how you can access the tool.
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