Remote Work: Where do we stand one year on?

Remote working has been a necessity for many organisations over the past year. But with a tentative re-opening of offices on the cards, how many of us will be making a full-time return? We’ve surveyed 3,000 remote workers to bring you the most up-to-date picture of the remote working landscape.

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  • How remote workers are coping after a year of remote working in a pandemic
  • Where people are working – and if their workspaces have improved since March 2020
  • Which digital channels employees are using to communicate (and which they don’t like)
  • The blurred boundaries of home/work and knock-on effects around data loss
  • Whether remote workers plan to stay fully remote, return to the office, or go hybrid

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Our research shows 42% of remote workers still share a workspace with at least one other person.

Discover the impacts of long-term remote working and its implications for the future

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