Egress Software

The next-generation of email protection: Egress Risk-based Protection

Most email protection solutions still take a one-size-fits-all approach, without taking into account the real-world risks to data as it travels over untrusted networks to potentially untrusted recipients, and without considering human error and malicious behavior.

Introducing Egress Risk-based Protection.

Using AI and machine learning, Risk-based Protection applies protection to sensitive content that is proportional to the risk of sharing it.

It understands whether content is being sent to the right person, whether the recipient’s domain is reliable and the history of interaction between the sender and recipient, then combines these risk factors with the sensitivity of the data being shared. This provides a true picture of the different risks involved in every communication, and so Risk-Based Protection can apply appropriate protection as content is shared.

Join Egress for this webinar to understand how our new technology can provide:

  • A measurable decrease in the risk of a data breach by applying appropriate protection to an email and its attachments
  • Proven improvement in compliance with data privacy and data protection regulations
  • Improved usability and engagement with end users
  • Enhanced utilization of existing third-party email protection solutions, including Microsoft O365 OME