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Human Risk Summit 2023: Egress’ adaptive security in action

Stay on for a product demonstration of Egress Intelligent Email Security, hosted by James Hinks and James Sheldrake. In this session, we’ll focus on administrator insight into human risk in the Egress Security Center, how Egress products adapt to changes in risk, and key functionality for Egress Defend and Egress Prevent.

In this session, you will discover:

What risks looks like within a business and how we quantify risk  

Who's the riskiest individual in your business and how you can use Egress' adaptive security 

How the Egress' products adapt to changes in risk 

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Human risk quantified

How can you measure how risky someone is? Integrations with security and other tools can start to give you a data driven approach to behavior change.

Once you understand and can identify who your most at risk users are, you can then begin to intervene when you know which behaviors to watch for.