Embracing intelligent email security at BDO


Webinar hosts:
Phil Ruelle, Chief Digital Officer, BDO
Mel Pardoe, Data Protection Officer, BDO
Sudeep Venkatesh, Chief Product Officer, Egress

On-demand webinar 

Email is the primary communication tool for financial services firms globally. Used daily to share confidential client and proprietary data, email creates a large surface area for insider risk, with employees accidentally sending emails to the wrong recipients, attaching the wrong files and not protecting sensitive data.

And the consequences of these breaches are severe – from damaging client relationships to punitive fines for non-compliance with data protection regulations.

As a member of an international network of public accounting, tax and business advisory firms, BDO in Jersey (Channel Islands) (‘BDO’) has taken a new approach to tackle this insider risk. Partnering with Egress, BDO now leverages intelligent machine learning technology to detect when employees are about to put data at risk and prevent breaches before they happen.

Join BDO’s Chief Digital Officer Phil Ruelle and Data Protection Officer Melissa Pardoe as they assess the risk of email data breaches in financial services, explain how to build a business case for intelligent email security, and offer advice ensuring these efforts are more than a box-ticking exercise by integrating technology with existing policy requirements. Phil and Melissa will also be joined by Egress CPO Sudeep Venkatesh, who will examine the role technology needs to play in the fight against human-activated email data breaches.

Watch the webinar to learn:

  • How email causes data breaches in financial services firms
  • How to spot this risk in your organisation
  • The role intelligent technology plays in mitigating email data breaches
  • How to build a business case for intelligent email security
  • How to integrate intelligent email security with existing policy and procedures

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