How to secure your digital transformation: Achieving efficiency and compliance as shown by Operation SNAP


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The UK is witnessing digital transformation on an unprecedented scale, as organisations continue to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic through remote working and distanced service delivery wherever possible. This has amplified the volume of unstructured digital data being created and shared from different devices and location – significantly increasing the level of risk of unauthorised disclosure through human error.

Organisations must ensure they put technology in place that can is operationally effective and guarantees the security of sensitive data.

Lessons to be learnt from the Welsh Police

Between 2011 – 2017, the UK experienced a 30% reduction in traffic officers across the UK, which made it more challenging for police to monitor road safety and led to an increase in dangerous driving that put people’s safety and lives at risk.
In April 2017, the Welsh police introduced security technology that facilitated a far-reaching digital transformation as part of Operation SNAP.

Partnering with Egress, Operation SNAP enables citizens to upload video footage and other multimedia taken by dashcams and mobile devices directly to local police forces, while reducing the time and cost overheads required for officers to investigate incidents,

• Reduced police time per reported incident of dangerous driving from 15 hours to 20 minutes
• Reduced the time taken for citizens to submit video footage from 90 minutes to 10 minutes
• The potential to reduce road fatalities by an estimated 40%

And the project hasn’t stopped there. Following widespread adoption of this technology by police services across the UK, new uses have also been developed to help streamline crime reporting, with applications continuing to emerge during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Teresa Ciano, Partnership Manager, GoSafe Wales

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Jamie Davies, Public Sector Sales Manager, Egress

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