Egress Data Loss Prevention Report

Defending Against Daily Data Loss

Digital communication keeps modern organizations operating – but not without risk. More data is being shared than ever before, in a time when the financial and reputational impacts of a data breach have also never been higher.

We’ve surveyed 500 IT leaders and 3,000 remote workers for the Data Loss Prevention Report to help you understand the scale of outbound data loss, why it remains such a major problem, and how technology can keep your organization secure from breaches

What you’ll learn:

  • Why the risk of data loss (and impact of a breach) is higher than ever
  • How employees choose to share data while working remotely
  • Why sensitive data is most at risk on email
  • Why 100% of IT leaders using traditional email DLP solutions are frustrated
  • What IT leaders think about the future of hybrid remote working and insider risk

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IT leaders reveal how data has been put at risk in their organizations within a 12 month time period

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