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Email Threat Landscape 2024: DLP Report

Employees continue to accidentally or intentionally put organizational data at risk over email.

Download the Email Threat Landscape: DLP Report for insights into the top causes of outbound email data loss in Microsoft 365, the impact on the people and companies involved, and attitudes surrounding traditional legacy approaches to prevent incidents.

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of organizations experienced outbound email security incidents


of Cybersecurity leaders are concerned with static DLP rules


of organizations had information barriers breached

The limitations of Outlook autocomplete

With 91% of organizations experiencing outbound email security incidents, we examine why 74% of Cybersecurity leaders have considered turning off Outlook autocomplete.

Reconsidering the SEG

87% of Cybersecurity leaders are considering replacing their SEG or have already done so. With improvements in Microsoft’s native capability, we examine Cybersecurity leaders’ top outbound concerns that have contributed to this attitude.

Traditional training isn’t moving the needle

Discover why 91% of Cybersecurity leaders have doubts about the effectiveness of their training programs, despite 100% of organizations carrying out traditional SAT.

Organizations remain vulnerable to outbound data loss and exfiltration, with no reliable and scalable way to detect attacks... Without significantly improved visibility, organizations won’t be able to meaningfully address the problem.

Jack Chapman, SVP of Threat Intelligence, Egress.