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daily data loss

The 2021 Data Loss Prevention Report

The rapid uptake of digital communication has kept organisations operating - but not without risk. With more data being shared comes the increased likelihood of a breach - and with employees burnt out from the pandemic, the risk in 2021 is higher than ever.

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of CISOs say client and corporate data is at risk on email

Email is the top vector for data loss

Employees are relying on email more than ever before, increasing the surface area for data loss. 83% of IT leaders report their organisation has experienced a data breach via email in the last 12 months, and 68% believe a future of flexible working will make it harder to prevent email security incidents.

Top 3 channels employees are using to share data while working remotely

Remote working is taking its toll

Organisations may be used to absorbing the smaller-scale impacts of individuals feeling stressed, but right now, the majority of workers report they're burning out. Being tired, stressed and under pressure increases the likelihood of accidental data loss. What's more, distractions are commonplace, with 60% of employees continuing to work in communal spaces.

73% of employees feel worse due to the pandemic

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How data is being put at risk

Find out why sensitive data is most at risk on email, how these incidents occur and the impact they have


Why the risk of data loss is higher than ever

Discover how employees choose to share data while working remotely and how mental wellbeing can affect security


Why traditional DLP is failing

Understand why 100% of IT leaders who deploy traditional email DLP solutions are frustrated by them


What the future holds for insider breach risk

Find out what IT leaders think about the future of flexible working and breach risk - and what you should be doing about it