Why outbound email is your biggest risk

The 2020 Outbound Email Security Report

From replying to spear phishing attacks, to Bcc errors and wrong recipients, outbound email is the number one security threat your organisation faces. This report shows the reality of this risk, its impact and the solution you need to be aware of.

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of organisations have suffered security incidents caused by outbound email

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Download our report to understand the ways your employees are most likely to put sensitive information at risk, including autocomplete errors and attaching the wrong files. Plus, find out how remote working has amplified this risk, with more emails being sent and received than ever before, leaving your organisation more vulnerable to a breach.

Top 3 causes of email breaches

Understand the impacts

On average, outbound email causes a security incident every 12 working hours. And these breaches have serious impacts - including financial losses for 33% of companies surveyed, as a result of punitive fines and customer churn. Get your free copy of our report to understand the outcomes that email data breaches have for organisations like yours.

Every 12 working hours data is put at risk on email

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