Human Activated Risk Summit

Virtual event  October 5, 2022

Cyber security expectations vs. reality.

Cut through the hype on key topics, including AI, defense in depth, and security awareness training. 


09:00 ET

The most important battlefield: reducing human activated risk

‘The human element,’ ‘the human firewall’, and similar phrases have been used in the cyber security industry for years. But they’ve never been well-defined; instead becoming terms bandied around by tech marketers. ‘Human activated risk’ is far more descriptive: the risk introduced through human behavior.

Join this keynote with CEO Tony Pepper as he talks to importance of reducing human activated risk in today’s threat landscape.

09:10 ET

Is the cyber security industry selling snake oil?

The cyber security industry is a hotbed of start-ups bringing technologies to market that solve the complex problems created by the rapidly evolving threat landscape. But these vendors often struggle to articulate how their technology works, instead resorting to marketing buzzwords, hype, and unsubstantiated claims.

This session will explore how cyber technology buyers can navigate the market and cut through the hype.

09:30 ET

Cutting through the hype of artificial intelligence in cyber security 

Breakout 1

Many branches of AI are used in cyber security solutions, including machine learning, deep learning, and computer vision. But what do these terms mean, and are the technologies useful – or even a reality? With vendors presenting AI as a black box solution to today’s sophisticated threats, it can be difficult to tell.

Join this session to gain an insight into the common AI technologies used in cyber and the questions your need to ask the vendors touting them.

09:30 ET

The security of artificial intelligence

Breakout 2

AI touches all our lives across numerous applications, including cyber security. But is AI itself secure?

Like any technology, AI presents an attack surface and associated risk that you need to understand. This session will include practical demonstrations of how AI can be subverted and help you answer the question of ‘how do I qualify this risk?’ when AI is presented as a black box solution by vendors.

09:55 ET

Cyber insurance: Don’t get caught out 

Breakout 1

Cyber insurance can provide organizations with a warm feeling that should the worst happen, help is at hand during the incident response, remediation, and recovery phases. But are you being lured into a false sense of security? To obtain appropriate cover for your organization requires a deep knowledge of an incident lifecycle and impact.

This session will help guide you through the steps required to ensure you get the right cover for your business.

09:55 ET

Security awareness training: expectations V reality

Breakout 2

Security awareness training (SAT) helps tick compliance boxes, but does it really create a culture of security across organizations? Even those that have embraced best practices still suffer data breaches caused by human error.

This session explores the reality of SAT and the new approaches that can help organizations evolve from a culture of blaming users to one of assessing human activated risk and effectively providing real-time intervention to reduce it.

10:20 ET

The personal impact of breaches 

Data breaches are a reality of life that can have far reaching implications for individuals, both professionally and personally. When an incident happens, security practitioners gain real-world and highly sought-after experience of the response, remediation, and recovery processes. However, the darker side is the impact of personal data breaches, with data used to progress an attack on a business and target individuals.

In this session, we’ll explore the surprisingly beneficial and not-so-surprising serious negative impacts that cybercrime has on individuals.

10:45 ET

Egress Security Center: integrating protection from inbound and outbound email threats

The Egress Security Center is the realization of Egress’ vision to integrate inbound and outbound email security. It extends the backend integration of the Intelligent Security Platform to a single management interface.

Join Egress’ product leaders, who will demo this new capability that provides a holistic view across inbound and outbound email risks and reduce admin overhead.

11:00 ET

Event close