The personal impact of a ransomware attack

When the worst happens, it is your people who have to manage the crisis, make decisions, and put out statements. It is your people who have to handle complaints, deal with the warzone that is social media, and work to keep as many operations going as possible. Human beings make mistakes under pressure. Our cognitive processes get suppressed and without training and practice, we can easily make wrong decisions.

In this talk, we will look at the real-world reality of a ransomware attack and how it is the humans you employ who can make this a success or a failure to be cited in infosec talks forever more.

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Lisa Forte

Red Goat Cyber Security LLP

Lisa Forte is an expert in the human side of cyber security and social engineering. In 2018 she won the ‘Top 100 Women in Tech Awards’, recognizing her achievements and contributions to the cyber security industry. Lisa began her career in counter-terrorism intelligence for a UK Government agency before moving into one of the UK Police Cyber-Crime Units. In 2017, Lisa founded Red Goat Cyber Security LLP.


How to separate cybersecurity hype from reality

This report aims to help buyers cut through some of the marketing buzzwords, hype, and unsubstantiated claims. We’ll use first-hand data from 800 IT leaders and expert industry insight to walk you through the expectations and reality of several hot topics in the cybersecurity industry.

What you'll learn:

  • Why it’s a harder market than ever to manage cybersecurity hype
  • How to weigh up hyperbole versus value in AI products
  • When vendor consolidation is better than more defense-in-depth
  • How to improve the ROI from SAT and create a true security culture
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