Leapfrog from SA&T compliance-as-a-strategy, to actual behavior & culture change

Security remains plagued with the legacy of compliance-driven, security awareness & training tools and methods. As more transformational security and tech leaders and vendors realize the importance of the human element, and the ineffectiveness of how we are addressing human related challenges, we will start to move towards behavior and culture change.

Use security awareness and training to not just train people for the sake of training them and foster real action.

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  • Get a view of future security awareness & training
  • Understand where to invest your SA&T resources
  • Learn how to disrupt the status quo to reach actual outcomes of behavior & culture change

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Meet the speakers

Jinan Budge

VP, Principle Analyst, Forrester

Jinan leads Forrester’s security and risk research in Asia Pacific. Jinan’s research focuses on enabling chief information security officers (CISOs) and technology executives to lead a high-performing security organization and culture. Jinan globally leads Forrester’s awareness, behavior, and culture coverage, using strategic and innovating thinking to shape the market. Jinan is also an advocate for diversity and inclusion in security. She focuses on ensuring that cybersecurity teams not only attract but also retain the best talent, and she brings a local and global perspective and cultural lens to her research and practice.

Duncan Mills

Senior Director Global Market Strategy, Egress

Duncan has over 20 years of experience of cyber security markets and technologies, focused primarily on the email, web and endpoint spaces. He has led product and market strategy for large market leaders, including Kaspersky and Symantec, as well as several start-ups. Duncan recently joined Egress from Mimecast where he led product marketing for their core email security portfolio.


How to separate cybersecurity hype from reality

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