Is the cyber security industry selling snake oil?

The cyber security industry is a hotbed of start-ups bringing technologies to market that solve the complex problems created by the rapidly evolving threat landscape. But these vendors often struggle to articulate how their technology works, instead resorting to marketing buzzwords, hype, and unsubstantiated claims.

This session will explore how cyber technology buyers can navigate the market and cut through the hype.

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Meet the speakers

Carol Meyers

Venture Partner, Glasswing Ventures

Carol Meyers is a venture partner at Glasswing Ventures, funding early-stage entrepreneurs innovating in cybersecurity and AI. Prior to Glasswing, Meyers served as chief marketing officer of Rapid7 for 8 years. Today, she serves as an independent board director or advisor for public and private companies including Markforged, Rewind, Cobalt, Deepwatch, Ketch, and TidalSecurity, among others.

Keith Price

Head of Information Security, Envision Pharma Group

Keith has 30 years of industry experience across 22 countries and various sectors. He currently provides executive and board advisory services and serves as a NED for cyber startups. He is an avid mentor to students, military veterans, and anyone who is looking to transition into the cybersecurity profession.

Robin Bell

CISO, Egress

As CISO, Robin Bell is tasked with expanding the Egress security operations at pace with its rapid growth. Partnering with customers across highly regulated industries and critical infrastructure, Robin focuses on building a culture of cyber resilience during this period of heightened risk. Robin joined Egress in 2019, and prior to this, he served as Head of Application Services Group at Vodafone and was responsible for delivering and managing NHSMail - one of the largest on-premise deployments of Microsoft exchange in the world, which has subsequently migrated to Microsoft 365.

Clint Poole

CMO, Egress

Chief Marketing Officer at Egress, Clint is a global marketing leader with a passion for developing growth strategies that align the organization with customer needs and market trends. He has a unique blend of experience, working with both private-equity-backed growth companies and mid-sized public companies.


How to separate cybersecurity hype from reality

This report aims to help buyers cut through some of the marketing buzzwords, hype, and unsubstantiated claims. We’ll use first-hand data from 800 IT leaders and expert industry insight to walk you through the expectations and reality of several hot topics in the cybersecurity industry.

What you'll learn:

  • Why it’s a harder market than ever to manage cybersecurity hype
  • How to weigh up hyperbole versus value in AI products
  • When vendor consolidation is better than more defense-in-depth
  • How to improve the ROI from SAT and create a true security culture
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